Stepan Sukiasyan: Touches to the Creative Portrait


  • Rita Lukash Aghayan Gyumri Branch of Yerevan State Komitas Conservatory


Stepan Sukiasyan, composer, Conservatory, Gyumri Branch of YSC, artistic traditions, musical style, interview with the composer


In the 80s of the 20h century, Armenian musical culture was enriched by the works of a number of composers, whose worldview and style were shaped based on the experience of Armenian musical classics. The composers of this generation enriched Armenian music with new, interesting and brilliant works. Among them, Stepan Sukiasyan (1941-2021) occupies his special place, who did not remain in the shade next to the great authorities of the Armenian Composing School, but managed to find his way, implementing, still in its formative stage, the artistic principles of Armenian music. The article considers the stages of formation of the composer’s creative path, the range of his favorite themes and characters, the originality of solutions to creative tasks, features of world view, which were mainly formed under the influence of the culture and artistic traditions of the native city of Leninakan (now Gyumri). This article includes an interview with the composer, conducted in 2002 to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the founding of Gyumri Branch of Yerevan State Conservatory. Stepan Sukiasyan played a crucial role in establishing the Gyumri Branch of Yerevan Conservatory as the Vice-Rector of Yerevan Conservatory at the time, actively overseeing creative, educational, and organizational efforts.

Author Biography

Rita Lukash Aghayan, Gyumri Branch of Yerevan State Komitas Conservatory

She graduated from Yerevan State Conservatory in 1979 (class of Prof. E. R. Pashinyan). From 1979 to 2000 she worked at Gyumri Music College named after Kara-Murza, and since 1997 she has taught musical theoretical disciplines at the Music- Theoretical Department of Gyumri Branch of Yerevan State Conservatory and also she has been head of the theoretical department since 2014. She has participated in Republican and International conferences. She is an author of a number of musicological articles, among them: The Theme of the 1988 Earthquake in the Works of Armenian Composers ("Musical Armenia" 2(61) 2021), Poetic Figures in the Works of the Composer Eduard Hayrapetyan (Historical and Cultural Heritage of Shirak: Current Issues of Armenological Studies, Materials of the 11th International Conference //Publishing House of NAS RA, Yer., 2022), "Scientific Developments of Armenian Musicologists on Russian Music and Education" ("Scientific News", International Academic Journal, N10 (39), M., 2021).



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