Composer Azat Shishyan


  • Nina Artashes Hayrapetyan Gyumri branch of Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory


Azat Shishyan, composer, creativity, pedagogy, music education, compositional principles


Composer, Azat Shishyan, an honored teacher of RA, musical-public figure is a representative of the musical generation of the second half of the 20h century, whose dedication to art and modest work earned the admiration and respect of his contemporaries. Azat Shishyan's musical legacy includes four symphonies, an opera, a ballet, chamber and choral compositions, songs and romances, music for theater performances, as well as creations for children. The composer's creative consciousness was profoundly influenced by the words of his teacher, B. Kanachyan: "Don 't forget that you are the offsprings of Komitas". Shishyan's creative journey was fundamentally grounded in embracing and embodying Komitas' artistic principles from his earliest endeavors. In addition to his composition work, Shishyan dedicated himself to teaching, nurturing the talents of renowned composers such as M. Israelyan, Y. Yerkanyan, A. Nersisyan, G. Chitchyan, and T. Mansuryan, all of whom took their initial steps under his guidance. Equally noteworthy is Shishyan 's significant role in enriching the cultural life of Leninakan through his musical and educational contributions.

Author Biography

Nina Artashes Hayrapetyan, Gyumri branch of Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory

She graduated from Yerevan State Komitas Conservatory in 1977, as a musicologist and pedagogue of music theory. In 1977-2003 she taught at Music College Kara Murza in Leninakan (Gyumri), and is currently a lecturer at Gyumri Branch of Yerevan State Komitas Conservatory (since 1997) and docent (since 2005). Hayrapetyan has published several articles (around10).


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