The concert of the choir "Hover" in Gyumri


  • Nina Artashes Hayrapetyan Gyumri Branch of Yerevan State Komitas Conservatory


Sona Hovhannisyan, choir, concert, interpretation, skill, conductor, success


The creative journey of the choir began in 1992, and today "Hover" stands as one of the most popular and sought- after choirs of our time. Its performances adorn the the world's most prestigious stages, captivating audiences with the breadth of the musical volume, the originality of the interpretation of the dramaturgy of the performance of the work. The performing style of Sona Hovhannisyan, the choir's conductor, founder, artistic director, honored artist of RA, captivates the listener with the delicacy of perception, the refinement of expressed emotions and the profound artistic measure and tact. The creative portrait of the choir is conditioned by impeccable tension, crystal purity of "a capella" singing, perfect harmony of choral voices and high culture of choral singing.

Author Biography

Nina Artashes Hayrapetyan, Gyumri Branch of Yerevan State Komitas Conservatory

She graduated from Yerevan State Komitas Conservatory in 1977, as a musicologist and pedagogue of music theory. In 1977-2003 she taught at Music College Kara Murza in Leninakan (Gyumri), and is currently a lecturer at Gyumri Branch of Yerevan State Komitas Conservatory (since 1997) and docent (since 2005). Hayrapetyan has published several articles (around10).



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